Winter’s Bone

Usually when I go to films I think I should see I end up regretting it.  About any war movie fits into that category.  And while Winter’s Bone has  similarities to many of them, this one works for me for entirely different reasons.  Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal of Ree, the main character, is Oscar worthy.  I’m more used to seeing 30 year-old characters with the moral compass of teenagers.  Ree is a high school student who has had to grow up too fast,  the sole caregiver for her two younger siblings and mentally unstable mother.  When her meth-cooking daddy disappears, it’s up to her to find him or lose what little they have to a bail bondsman.  I now understand what “gritty” means when describing a movie.  We witness the underbelly of Ozark life.  I’ll never go to Branson again without thinking about what might be happening just outside the city limits.

Rating: *****


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