Christmas in July

Because I didn’t have enough projects going at once, I took a class in napkin making this weekend.  It’s a green thing.  Now, I know what you’re thinking:  Isn’t a napkin just a square of paper or fabric?  Well, yes, it is and there’s really not a whole lot more to it unless you want there to be.  But I did learn a very helpful tip that would work well anytime you’re making something that requires a nice square corner, like with pillows.

When sewing the two squares together, do not pivot the needle at the corners but sew off the edge as I show here in the first photo.  Then fold that seam allowance down to sew over on the next side.  This gives you more stability and makes a nice, crisp corner when turned and pressed.

I’m making Christmas napkins now for gifts and decided that it would be fun to try a matching table topper.  I found the pattern online through Moda and used two fabrics in the Fruitcake line for the napkins and the charm pack for the topper.  I’ve ordered the book Simply Napkins for more ideas.  It’s now out of print but found used copies at Amazon for $3.00 and change.


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