Eat, Pray, Love

Erica and I spent an enjoyable Friday afternoon  at the movies.  We had to squeeze our “date” between last minute hair, eyebrow, and nail appointments before she left for college.  We walked into the theater with not a minute to spare.  All in all I enjoyed the adaptation of the book, but there was nothing different to offer.  Maybe I was hoping for a new insight or perspective.  As someone I talked to before said “Will you ever get past that it’s Julia Roberts and not Elizabeth Gilbert?”

I just read that EPL tours and spas are opening and filling up quickly, even before the movie came out.  I expect this won’t discourage anyone but many more will not be converted who have only seen the screen version.

My favorite line was from Luca Spaghetti explaining to Liz that Italians on vacation are the masters of “il bel far niente.”  A worthy goal for retirement, I think, is to become a guilt-free advocate for the beauty of doing nothing.  At least for awhile.

Rating: ***1/2


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