City Tracks

I just finished this quilt for my niece who graduated from college two weeks ago.  I originally planned to give it to her after the graduation ceremony but I had an issue with my quilting machine ONCE AGAIN!  I don’t know what caused it but somehow the quilt shifted when I was about a third of the way finished.  This caused the free motion foot to move just enough that the needle went through the plastic, instead of the hole.  I was able to sand it down enough to finish but the fabric still got caught on the rough edge.  I ordered a new foot and I’m still waiting for it to come in.

Okay, enough ranting!  This pattern is from Cherri House’s City Quilts and it’s called “City Tracks.”  She shows it in solids but I thought it would look good in black and white.  I used a variety of solid greens since that’s Lauren’s favorite color.  If I were doing it again, I’d use the same green on all the blocks.  I gave it to her at her party this past weekend and she told me she’s doing her new apartment in black and white!  I lucked out there.


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  1. Shea

    Sharon, I love how this looks! What a lucky niece!

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