How Bernie Found Her Home

Once upon a time there lived a lovely lady name Janet in the land of sunflowers and speedways.  She spent most of her days teaching the brightest children in the Dotte.  During vacations she traveled all over the country, usually driving with family or friends.  One sad day she found out she had ovarian cancer but instead of lamenting her fate she decided to start quilting.  Janet never married and had no children of her own, but she felt as close to her two nieces and a nephew as anyone could.  Over the next few years she roped cajoled several of her teaching friends to help her make decisions for their quilts.  Before long they were getting together regularly, outside of school time, to share their creations and became known far and wide as the Quilt Club.  (One would think that teachers of the talented and gifted could come up with a more creative moniker, but that’s neither here nor there.)

Janet lost her long battle a few months before her beloved New York witnessed its tragedy in 2001.  Shortly after a local group started collecting quilts for the children of the first responders who died that day.  The Quilt Club jumped at the opportunity to show their support in her honor.   Two months later each of the six members received a letter in the mail from Janet’s sister Jill.  In it she explained that as she was clearing Janet’s house she found a note directing her to buy new Bernina sewing machines for her six friends.   They could pick theirs up at any time!  Although shocked no one was  surprised that Janet would be thinking of others to the end.

Since then all the members of Quilt Club have retired but still get together to reminisce, eat, and create lovely quilts in her honor.  Most recently they donated two to Animal Haven, Janet’s favorite charity.  There’s no happily-ever-after ending to this story except that the six, who would always remain friends regardless, are now also quilters.


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