Ruffle Crush

I almost forgot to blog about this lovely baby quilt.  I tested the pattern for Vicki at Sew Inspired this summer.  (She has it available on her blog for purchse: I used the pink colorway from Lily and Will by Bunny Hill Designs with a few of my own off-white scraps thrown in.  Since I didn’t have a recipient in mind, it sat in my closet for a couple of months.  Then I decided to take a big stitch quilting class at Harper’s and chose to “practice” on this quilt.  It was fun and gave me an excuse to watch some TV in the evenings.  I learned that cotton batting is HARD to hand-quilt.  I also learned to keep my Pearl cotton thread ball hidden at all times from Finn the cat.

Without a deadline it would probably still be sitting next to the couch but the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild had it’s first ever show at UMKC’s homecoming Oct. 4.  It was finished just in time and we had a beautiful, sunny day.  There were so many amazing quilts on display, but did I get any other pictures?  I was quilt drunk I think.  You can head over to the Guild’s blog to see more:


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  1. Love the hand quilting – I keep thinking about taking that Big Stitch class sometime!

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