Flat Iron Pouch

Last weekend I went to Michael’s with my daughter.  She always has three or four projects going at once and needed a very large crochet hook and a couple of other things.  For once I was just browsing and came across a flat iron pouch for 60% off.  It wasn’t bad looking but obviously factory made.  As I checked it out I realized how simple it would be to make, so I brought it home and took it apart.  Instead of batting it had a layer of twill and another of thin foam.  Must be cheap in China or something.  The binding was cut on the bias but not sewn on neatly at all.

It probably took less than two hours to cut everything and sew together, including the quilting.  I don’t normally do bias binding but I might now.

The lining is ironing board fabric that I found at Joann.  The three fabrics are from Sew Chick! for Benartex that I picked up awhile back at my nearby Bernina store.

The back has a pocket for clips or travel sized hair spray.  The original closed with velcro but I haven’t decided if I’ll use that or try something else like a magnetic fastener.  I’ll be able to test it out next weekend when I drive down to Fayetteville for Mom’s weekend at daughter #2’s sorority.  Then I’ll probably make more of these as gifts.  But I really need to finish up some big projects first.  Stay tuned!


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  1. Love it, Sharon! I need to make a couple for my daughters!

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