Knee Socks

This is my contribution to the April Dream Circle at do.Good Stitches.  It’s very BIG at 24 1/2 inches and from Elizabeth Hartman’s tutorial on the Modern Quilt Guild blog.  It’s actually made up of 12 smaller blocks, as you can probably tell.

I must say that those blocks did not want to play well together.  With all that cutting it would be understandable to make an error or two, but everyone of the four main blocks was off.  Luckily only one needed to be larger so the others were just cut down.  But then they didn’t all line up exactly as they should.  I’m also not crazy about the colors. I was trying to use up some scraps yet my left brain would not let me make it completely scrappy.  I needed the solids to unify the whole.  This is one of four blocks that will make up a boy’s quilt and some others are contributing to the girl’s quilt.  I can’t wait to see what they have come up with.


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