Baby Improv

Figuratively, I’m all about killing two birds with one stone.  Saving my energy is a top priority. We live in a split-level house, which means lots of stairs.  So I try really hard to carry a load of laundry or magazines to recycle when I’m climbing up or down anyway.

I knew a few months ago that Weeks Ringle was going to be speaking at our KCMQG meeting in May.  I found out about the same time that a friend’s daughter would be having her first baby the first of June.  Hmmmmmmm.  Yes, this could work.

The baby mama is young, but far from immature and I couldn’t imagine her surrounding her son with cartoon characters and frou frou.  Ringle and Kerr’s Improv pattern from Quilts Made Modern seemed perfect.

I found the backing at Jo-Ann’s and pulled the green, blue, gray, and orange for the blocks.









I densely quilted pebbles in the sashing and straight lines in the blocks.  It is less a quilt than a matt but I know it will withstand a lot of use and washings.







For once I finished well ahead of schedule and was able to share it at our meeting May 21.

Kelton Michael arrived three days later.

Isn’t he the sweetest thing you ever saw?  I’m sure grandkids will be even better but hopefully, that’s a ways off.  I’m in no big hurry.


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