Quiltcon Linky Party

QuiltCon is less than two weeks away!  They are hosting a link party for those attending and are asking for participants to share information so we can get to know one another beforehand.  Here’s my list:

1. My first sewing machine was a Singer treadle that my mother bought me for $30, I think.  I was eleven or twelve.

2.  I have two daughters and two cats.  Finn and Louie are almost filling the void since the girls Imageare mostly out of the house now.

3.  I married my hairdresser.  Yes, he still cuts and colors my hair but it’s in our kitchen and I don’t have to tip him.

4.  I have kept a list of every book I’ve read since 1965.  I think I’m up to 1300+ books.  Not as many as you’d think, but several years were spent in college and taking care of babies while teaching.  My favorite contemporary authors are Jane Smiley and Richard Russo.

5.  My husband and I both enjoy traveling.  London is at the top of my list with Paris and Hawaii following closely behind. 




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2 responses to “Quiltcon Linky Party

  1. Jan

    Haha! My husband used to color my hair, until I decided to let it be gray. He was not a professional but he did a good job. I cut his hair, but it is pretty easy because he is mostly bald!

    Jealous that you are going to quilt con. I have gone back and forth about going, even up to this week, but I think 2015 is more likely!

  2. I keep thinking I should let it go but it costs so little and I don’t even have to leave the house…
    Wish you were going, too. I’m glad they’re planning it for every other year. It is expensive when you add everything up!

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