Kathy’s Quilt

I found this Mary Engelbreit fabric online a couple of years ago.  I thought I was ordering a charm pack but it ended up being a turnover, which I’d not seen before. Then later I  found a charm pack when I ordered the border fabric.  But I was stumped what to do with it.  (Louie, how did you get in there?)

Kathy's quilt 001

Before Christmas this year I vowed to find a way to use it.  The line is called “The Caroler” and nearly impossible to find now so I needed to use just what I had.  Perusing some books I came across the friendship star block and it seemed to be the perfect solution.

Kathy's quilt 002

As I started cutting and sewing the blocks I kept thinking of my friend Kathy.  We started as neighbors more than fifteen years ago and have stayed in touch through her three moves, divorce, and death of her mother.  She’s been there for me through some rough patches, as well.  I’m happy she’s back in town and we can talk on the phone even if we don’t get together often.  Anyway, Kathy is an art lover and I knew she’d appreciate these bright colors.  So even though I thought originally I would keep this quilt, I soon knew I had to give it to her.

Kathy's quilt 005

Unfortunately I didn’t finish it in time for Christmas but I did give it to her two weeks ago.  I know she was surprised and I think she really likes it.

Kathy's quilt 003

At first I wanted to try something new with the quilting by breaking the blocks down and mixing some different patterns in.  But that would have taken me much longer than I’d wanted so I fell back on my tried and true wavy lines.

Kathy's quilt 004

I’m so happy this quilt has a good home and will be well taken care of.

Countdown to QuiltCon: 3 days



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2 responses to “Kathy’s Quilt

  1. Jan

    I have never used a turnover, either! This is perfect for them!

  2. Ima

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your
    next post thanks once again.

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