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Shower Curtain and Modern Meet Up

I actually finished this over a month ago but I was waiting for my new camera to take pictures.  As you can see, I’m still learning.  I saw this pattern in a Quik Quilts magazine, maybe a year ago.  I already had the flowered fabric and added the blue and green ones from Joann’s.  I wanted the valance to be longer but had to make do with what I had left.  So it wouldn’t be too heavy I used polyester batting.  I made the mistake of leaving the backing and batting on the frame without the top covering it for a couple of days.  It seems the cat thought it was a new play toy and had the batting shredded so badly I couldn’t use it.  I had to keep the whole thing completely covered when I wasn’t quilting and he still managed to pull at the edges.  His litter box is in the basement so I couldn’t keep him out completely.

He’s so cute most of the time.  (Can you tell I’m taking lots of photos with my new camera?)







I quilted all over swirls that mimic the pattern in the blue print, which you can’t really see.  Now that both  girls are home the shower is getting used at least twice a day.  I hope it will hold up.

As you may know, Quilt Market is taking place in Kansas City this weekend.  The St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild and our own KCMQG hosted the Modern Meet Up from 7 to 9 last night.  I’m guessing at least 300 people showed up to share the love which was way more than expected.  There were some awesome door prizes!  I know because I was drooling over them as I helped register the attendees.  I was able to snag this cute fat quarter bundle from Birch Organic Fabric.  It’s called Mod Squad by Dan Stiles.  I love the turquoise scooter print.  I think I see some pillows in my future!



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